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[Exclusive] BLACKPINK's Jennie rises to super stardom in the advertising world (+stories behind it)

Here's good news for BLINKs. BLACKPINK's Jennie is rising to super stardom in the Korean advertising world.

The female kpop idol star is receiving love calls from a variety of brands, and of course, the brands are ready to pay her much money. She is now one of the most sought after idol stars in the Korean advertising world, along with Irene of Red Velvet.

The main reason for Jennies' great popularity in the advertising world is because she has very unique charm. She's sexy and beautiful, but that's not all. She's cute, and you know, she's really lovely. In addition to her stunning appearance, she's a great singer and rapper too. She's a wannabe star among female fans, and at the same time, she's a dream girl among male fans. There are not many female kpop idols who are loved by both male and female fans.

Actually, this might not be surprising news to YG Entertainment, home to the beautiful idol. Before BLACKPINK's debut, when Jennie was a trainee, YG knew that she had limitless potential and defined her as an ace member of its new girl group. That's why she could be featured in the music video of "That XX", a hit song sung by super star G-Dragon. You know, she was featured as a singer in "Black" too.

As YG expected, yeah, Jennie has been doing good, and she's now rising to super stardom. Who do you think is the most sought after female kpop idol in the Korean advertising world? Suzy? Seolhyun? Hyeri? Well, Jennie's era is about to begin.

By the way, there are stories behind Jennie's popularity in the advertising world. Of course, YG is pleased with it, but the problem is that Jennie is not a solo singer. She has her great team mates, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa, and as their agency, YG has to consider the right balance among the members and the future of the team. So, according to people in the Korean advertising world, even when lots of brands say they want to use Jennie as their advertising character and are ready to pay much money, YG refuses it, saying all the BLACPINK members should appear in one commercial film together even if the agency and the members are paid less.

You know the commercial film of Sprite, right? The brand has chosen famous, sexy and beautiful female stars including Suzy and Seolhyun as its faces. However, it is uncommon for the brand to choose whole members of a girl group as its advertising character. According to people in the Korean advertising world, Sprite wanted Jennie at first, but it eventually decided to use all the members of BLACKPINK as its advertising character after a long discussion with YG.

I don't think YG is doing a wrong thing because one of the most important things for kpop idol groups is teamwork. YG is looking into the future and doing its best for the success of BLACKPINK. Without doubt, BLCKPINK is the future of YG, which doesn't have 2NE1 any more. I know there are many fans who are unsatisfied with how YG treats its artists, but it's true that YG treasures BLACKPINK.


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