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SOPA & Hanlim Art School: Kpop Idols' High Schools

SOPA(School of Performing Arts Seoul)

Suzy, Girl’s Day Hyeri, Sulli, Apink Naeun, Red Velvet Joy, GFriend, Yuju, Eunha, Yerin, CNBLUE Jonghyun, BTS Jungkook, EXO Kai, Sehun, SEVENTEEN Dokyeom and more.

Admission into SOPA
SOPA has various departments such as broadcasting arts and practical music, while each department has just 2 classes for new students. And each class is made up of 38 students. Student who have experiences in the Korean entertainment world account for 10% of new students, and the rest of the students don’t have any broadcasting experience. The competition is very high.

Hanlim Art School

Krystal, Dal Shabet Subin, Sonammo High.D, SHINee Taemin, WINNER Mino, Nam Taehyun, Blcok B P.O, BTOB Yook Sungjae and more.

Admission into Hanlim Art School
Anyone who wants to be an entertainer can apply for the school’s audition, while those who have broadcasting experience receive extra admission points. Hanlim Art School’s students look to be very free-spirited, but the school has strict regulations over students’ hair dyeing, makeup and body piercing.

Q. Why do famous k-pop idols enter art schools?
A. K-pop stars who have hectic schedules are never able to attend all the classes. However, it doesn’t really matter in art schools. As art schools’ educational system is focused on developing practical techniques, k-pop idols are allowed to be absent from school if they have official schedules.

Q. Can all the art school students become k-pop trainees?
A. Entering art school doesn’t guarantee you’ll be scouted by k-pop agencies. However, you will learn many things about entertainers in the school, and you can become the cynosure of some k-pop agencies.

Q. How much is the tuition fee?
A. The tuition fee of an art school is about 10 million won (about 890 USD) a year. The fee is very expensive because it costs a lot of money to educate students about practical skills and hold various events for students.

Q. Do art school students learn mathematics too?
A. Yes. Half of the art school curriculum consists of foundational education requirements such as math and English.


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