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[Kpop Audition Bible - How to become a kpop idol] What you should do

Take a Risk

When you select a song for your audition, what you have to keep in mind is that you should take a risk. You need to accept high risk for a high return, which means you need to select a song which is not popular these days. Of course, You can catch the ears of the judges by singing a popular song, but the problem is that it is hard for you to reveal your artistic personality by singing such a song. As all the judges have been listening to the song lately and they exactly remember how well the original singer sang the song, there is a good chance that they will not give high marks to you.

Start by searching for old but good songs. The original singers of the songs are much older than you, which means there is a good possibility that you will sing differently from them. Sing it with your own style, and show your distinct musical character.

Or, you can rearrange a trendy song too if you can. You should change it to a totally different one, though. If the song is a cheerful dance music, try to change it to a rock music or sweet acoustic music. This is just an example. Let your imagination run wild and be creative.

Be Strategic

Audition is a battle. There are so many people who want to be a k-pop idol. And many of them sing and dance really well. Then, what should you do to survive? You need to differentiate yourself from the others, and to do so, you should be strategic.

You don’t need to show everything about yourself from the very first. If you show everything about yourself from the first, the judges will have great expectations of you, which means there is a possibility that they will feel disappointment later. So, show your specialties at the later part of your audition.

And a storytelling is important too. When you select a song for your audition, a highly effective strategy is to select a song which is relevant to your life story. It doesn’t need to be a very special story. You sing about your mother, school, first love or yourself. By singing about yourself and your life, you can arouse the judge’s sympathy, and there is a possibility that they will give high marks to you even if you’re a little wanting in singing ability.

Show everything within 10 seconds

As I said, you don’t need to show everything about yourself from the very first. However, it applies only to offline auditions. If you apply for an online audition, remember, you should show everything within 10 seconds.

There are thousands of participants for an online audition, and the judges should watch videos of all of them. Do you think they watch the whole videos? No, as there are so many participants, they just watch the first parts of the videos. And only when the judges find out a participant who does very well in the first part of his or her video, they watch the video till the end.

So, within 10 seconds, show everything about yourself. Show your strengths and give off your charm. Of course, it’s not an easy thing, but here is a tip for you. Record your audition video every day. Yeah, every day. And check out what kind of voice you have and what kind of expression you have on your face. You should find out when you look most attractive. Practice makes perfect.

Be Professional

Yeah, you’re just a would-be singer. However, when you sing for your audition, think of yourself as a professional singer. And just like professional singers do, plan for your performance, and act boldly and confidently when you sing. Of course, you can’t do better than professional singers. But, it’s a matter of confidence. The judges like confident participants.

And think about it. There are so many participants and the judges have to evaluate all of them all day long. They’re very tired and exhausted. So, the participant they hate the most is the one who doesn’t do one’s best. The judges never give high marks to such a participant even if the participant sing and dance very well. That’s why you should always try to be professional. Professional singers do their best in any circumstance.


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