Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Jung Eunji

K-pop journalists sometimes visit waiting rooms of music chart shows to meet k-pop idols. At there, the idols are interviewed by the journalists if time permits. However, most of the idols are very cautious about journalists because their every single word could be articled and the articles could have a bad effect on themselves. They don’t really talk much and try to avoid encounters with journalists. However, Eunji is different. She greets people lovingly and is nice to people without constraint. She is an unaffected person who is cheerful and affectionate. She is one of the female k-pop stars who have the most friends.

But, that’s not all. I like Eunji not only because she is sociable but also because she has a passionate belief in what she is doing. She’s usually a lovely and lively girl, but she changes when she talks about singing and acting. She has a definite goal as an entertainer, and she does her best as a professional. She is not a puppet who does what she is told to. That’s why she could show such a good performance not only as a member of Apink but also as a solo singer and an actress.


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