[Korean Stars' Real Personality] BIGBANG T.O.P

Before the premier of his movie “Tazza – The hidden card,” TOP of BIGBANG was interviewed by the press. By the way, some movie journalists said he was one of the worst interviewees. Do you know why? In a word, he is a deep thinker. He is the one who gives a very serious answer to every question, and some of journalists didn’t like the way how he answered. Some said he pretends to be a real artist, while others said he is very arrogant. Well, I don’t agree with them, though. He is a person of an artistic turn of mind, and he has his own world. It never means he pretends to be something or he is arrogant. I’ve had an interview with him too, and what I felt about him is that he is faithful to his principles and he exactly knows what he’s doing.

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