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[BTS’ LIFE, WORK AND PEOPLE] Suga’s Profile & Fun Facts

  1. Stage Name: Suga
  2. Full Name: Min Yoongi
  3. Position: Lead Rapper
  4. Birthday: March 9, 1993
  5. Height: 174 cm
  6. Weight: 59 kg
  7. Blood Type: O
  8. Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  9. Family: Dad, mom, older brother
  10. Hobbies: Playing basketball, doing nothing when he has free time, taking photos
  11. Education: Global Cyber University
  12. Role model: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and Hit Boy
  13. Favorite color: White
  14. Favorite foods: Meat, Korean foods

Q. How did Suga get his name?
Before debuting as a member of BTS, Suga used stage name “Gloss” while being active as an underground rapper. However, he thought the name was not that impressive, and he discussed with Bang Sihyuk about his new stage name. He chose “Suga” as his new stage name because all the people in Big Hit Entertainment said it was a perfect name for Suga and it sounded sweet unlike his charismatic presence on the stage.

Q. What was Suga’s childhood dream?
Suga dreamed of becoming an architect in childhood. He’s good with his hands, and he’s still good at making and fixing things. He assembled furniture for BTS’ dormitory, and he installed a bidet in the bathroom too. When things get broken, BTS members look for Suga.

Q. What was Suga like in school?
When Suga was a high school student, he was a member of a basketball club. He was a good defender, and his friends even thought he will become a basketball player later.

Q. When did Suga make up his mind to become a rapper?
When Suga was an elementary school student, he made up his mind to become a musician after listening to Stony Skunk’s “Ragga Muffin”. And after listening to Epik High’s “Fly”, he made up his mind to become a rapper. Actually, Suga was not a good rapper when he was young and he received harsh reviews from people, but he became a great rapper later after years of hard work.

Q. What is a feature of Suga’s music?
Unlike most of the other k-pop idols who focus on their activities as idols, Suga releases his mixtapes just like underground rappers do. And when he releases his mixtapes, he uses his stage name “Agust D”, while he delivers straightforward and clear messages through his lyrics. In his mixtapes, he uses coarse language too. And it’s notable that he has rapped in a strong Gyeongsang accent because there are not many rappers in Korean who rap in heavy dialect.

Q. How is Suga’s relationship with BTS members?
When BTS members make mistakes or fight each other, Suga usually disciplines them. He's a very frank and straightforward man.

Q. What is Suga’s real personality like?
Suga is highly competitive and the type who hates losing. And he is a blunt person. However, in front of his fans, he always tries to laugh a lot and act cute. According to him, he feels happy when he’s with his fans. He usually spends all his time in bed in his free time. He doesn’t like to go out, but it doesn’t mean he is lazy. He works hard on his music.

Q. What is Suga’s ideal type of woman like?
Suga likes a woman who is chic and quiet. And he hopes to meet someone who has similar interests. That’s why he likes a woman who has a lot of interest in music.

Fun Facts about Suga

  1. Suga dislikes crowded place.
  2. Suga likes to sings a trot song at a karaoke.
  3. Suga won second place at Big Hit’s audition.
  4. Suga would take Jimin with him if he had to love on a deserted island for 3 years because he thinks Jimin is pleasant and mature.
  5. Suga loves to sleep.
  6. Suga’s favorite nickname is “Min PD”.
  7. Suga gets stressed when he works on his music late at night, but he doesn’t hate it.


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