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What Taeyeon is going to prove through her comeback

Taeyeon is coming back.

The great female k-pop idol singer will release her third solo mini album "Something New" on June 18. The album will have a total of 6 songs of various genres including the title track "Something New", and of course, lots of k-pop fans are now looking forward to the queen's comeback.

What Taeyeon is going to prove: No.1 female solo singer

In the k-pop world, there are not many solo singers who distinguish themselves these days. Lots of idol groups are leading the industry, and it's the trend of the industry.

However, Taeyeon is different. She's achieved great success as a solo singer, gaining a competitive advantage over a lot of young idol groups. Not just her popularity as a member of Girls' Generation, the most famous k-pop girl group, but also her outstanding singing ability and musicality affected her success.

Through her comeback, the great vocalist, who has a lot of hits, will prove again that she is the no.1 female k-pop solo singer, topping a variety of music charts.

What Taeyeon is going to prove: She's still evolving

What's impressive about Taeyeon is that she's still trying hard to learn and improve even though it has been a long time since she debuted. She always tries new things, trying to overcome her limitations.

Through her new album, Taeyeon will show "Something New" again. The title track "Something New" is a neo soul urban pop piece, and it's notable that it's the first time for her to try such a genre. According to SM Entertainment, home to the diva, Taeyeon will show her new singing skill through the album. Yeah, she's still evolving.

What Taeyeon is going to prove: It's still Girls' Generation

I know there are many people who say Girls' Generation members are old and it's not "Girls' Generation" any more. However, do you really think so? The members are still active in the k-pop world, showing off their undiminished power in the industry.

As a part of the team, Taeyeon will prove that the haters are wrong. She will take over a variety of music charts, as always, and she will show that it's still Girls' Generation. The possibility of failure? Very little. Taeyeon and SM Entertainment, the biggest k-pop agency, have put lots of efforts into her new album, and you know, a lot of music fans who have much faith in the quality of Taeyeon's music will give great support to the Girls' Generation member.


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