Yoona generating lots of buzz for her beautiful appearance

It has been about a year since Girls' Generation's Yoona won the popularity award at the Paeksang Arts Awards held in 2017. The female k-pop idol star attended the award ceremony, of course, and she took photos with the other winners of the awards after the award ceremony.

By the way, the photo of various Korean stars is now generating a lot of buzz. You might not understand why the one-year-old photo is generating a lot of buzz these days, but here's a reason for it.

As you can see in the photo, yeah, Yoona is so beautiful. Even though she's surrounded by many beautiful actresses such as Kim Haneul, Son Yejin, Seo Hyunjin and Kim Yoojung, Yoona is definitely the most outstanding figure. Have you ever taken a photo with a beautiful actress? If you had done it, you would have despaired about how ugly you are. However, Yoona is conspicuous even among the beautiful actresses. It means, yeah, Yoona is that much beautiful. The actresses might have despaired because of Yoona.

I've met Yoona, of course, and I'm sure she's one of the most beautiful Korean stars. She has a very small and pretty face. And the k-pop star, who smiles often, always makes people happy with her attractive smile.

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