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IU being attacked by fake feminists

AOA's Seolhyun is in the center of controversy. The female idol star has unfollowed a few famous Korean stars such as Yoo Ahin, Yoo Byungjae and IU on SNS and is now raising questions about why she did such a thing.

What is common among the 3 stars who were unfollowed by Seolhyun is that all the them have been hated by Korean feminists. Yoo Ahin has had a heated discussion with a feminist on SNS, and Yoo Byungjae has satirized feminists in his comedy show. And IU, who is a great musician, once was embroiled in controversy due to her Lolita-like concept.

So, in this situation, Seolhyun is receiving great support from feminists (even though it seems other people think differently and it's still uncertain why she unfollowed them), while Yoo Ahin, Yoo Byungjae and IU are being attacked by feminists. Especially, IU, who has recently announced that she  decided to accuse all the online haters, is suffering concentrated fire.

Well, Korea is part of the Confucian culture, and it's true many Korean women had to continue to endure discriminatory laws and deeply entrenched cultural inequality. That's why feminism is needed in Korea.

However, there is a question mark over the identity of the feminists who are attacking IU. What do you think is feminism? The basic goal of feminism is the extension of women's rights. Real feminists insist on full equality for male and female. They never attack or criticize other people only because they're different from themselves. Actually, there are many great feminists who contribute to the extension of women's rights in Korea.

But the feminists who are attacking IU are not real feminists. Do you think they're attacking IU to contribute to the extension of women's rights? No, never. They're radical, and they don't have a principle. They attack people only because they're different from themselves. They're fake. And IU could their good target because IU is a super star who has a great influence in the country. The fake feminists, who always complain about the society, are just taking out their anger on the queen of k-pop.


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