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IU shows great consideration for the production crew of "My Ajeossi"

On April 11, IU attended a press conference for her drama "My Ajeossi" held in Seoul. Much attention was focused on what the k-pop star would say at the press conference because a controversy had arisen over her appearance in the drama. You know, the drama portrays the romance between a man in his 40s and a woman in her 20s and it certainly is an unpleasant theme for IU's fans. The fans were worried because IU had to act with an old actor Lee Sunkyun, who is 18 years older than her, and might be treated as a sexual object of old males in the drama.

In addition, as you might remember, IU had been at the center of controversy due to the lyrics of her song “Zeze” and her teaser images. At the time, people criticized IU, insisting she treated Zeze, a boy of only 5 years old, as a sexual object.

Anyway, despite all the controversies, IU attended the press conference to do what she should do as the leading actress of the drama.

By the way, contrary to expectations, IU was not the first person to mention the controversies surrounding the k-pop star at the press conference. Kim Won Suk, the producer of the drama, was the first person who mentioned the controversies.

When I asked IU to appear in the drama, she asked me if it was ok, talking about her past controversies. Famous stars usually don't ask such a thing, but the good-natured star worried about us and our drama. I feel very sorry for her now because her past controversies are surfacing again due to our drama.

The producer's eyes were reddened as he talked like this. Well, IU, who is well known for her great personality, absolutely touched him by showing great consideration.

However, the female k-pop star, who is also well known as a very humble person, just said as below.

I'm aware of all the controversies surrounding me, and I know I have to be more careful about all the things as a producer and as a singer. When I met the producer of "My Ajeossi" for the first time, I asked him if it was ok because I didn't want to cause damage to the drama. That's why I said "You don't have to cast me". I didn't see any problem when I read the script of the drama, though. That's why I decided to make an appearance in the drama, and I told the producer that I would do my best.


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