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Lee Seung Gi wisely answers to the question regarding his dating

Lee Seung Gi's new movie "The princess and the matchmaker" is making the box office hit. The popular Korean star, who was released from the army in October, 2017, showed good acting performance in his new movie.

And just like the other Korean actors, who usually give interviews to various media outlets, Lee Seung Gi was recently interviewed by the media. Well, the talented entertainer is a good talker, as you already know, and he certainly satisfied many reporters by giving specific, accurate and witty answers to them.

By the way, during his interview, some reporters asked him about his dating. Oh, they didn't ask any direct questions, but they tried to get the answer they want, asking "Aren't you lonely these days?". You know, Lee Seung Gi has broken up with Yoona, and the popular male star's comment about his dating can be a big news.

However, well, the smart star answered to the question so wisely that the reporters couldn't add further questions about his dating. He said "Well, I'm not lonely because I love to work and I usually get good results from what I do. Of course, I'm lonely sometimes, but I try to do more things not to be lonely".

Isn't it a very wise answer? Of course, Lee Seung Gi didn't offend the reporters because he gave the answer with sweet smile on his face and he treated them in a very friendly way. Why do you think Lee Seung Gi became so successful? It's not just because of his talent or good appearance. He's one of the most smart and good-natured Korean entertainers, and that's why so many people in the Korean entertainment industry love him.


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