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iKON proves it's the future of YG

iKON is enjoying huge popularity. Since the 7-member boy group released its new song "Love Scenario" on January 25, iKON has topped the Melon chart for 40 days, which is very unusual in the world of k-pop. You know, the market is changing very fast, and it is really hard for k-pop idol groups to maintain no.1 position for such a long time. On March 5, iKON will release its another new song "Rubber Band", expecting for another big hit.

Well, iKON's huge success is basically because "Love Scenario" is such a good song. The sentimental song arouses many people's sympathy, and the song is easy to sing along to. B.I, a talented leader of the team took part in writing the song and created beautiful melody.

But that's not all. A notable thing about iKON's success is that the team finally got into its stride. As you might notice, "Love Scenario" is similar with iKON's debut song "My Type". Of course, "My Type" was released about 2 years ago and iKON members show off more mature charm through "Love Scenario", but both songs are emotional and soft hip hop songs, which are quite different from other powerful hip hop songs. Through "My Type" and "Love Scenario", iKON has realized "everybody's boyfriend" concept, making lots of female fans' hearts beat. You know, iKON has tried several powerful and charismatic hip hop songs such as "Bling Bling" and "B-Day", but those were not a huge success. However, yeah, the boy group members realized what they do the best, and that's why many people in the k-pop industry are now predicting that iKON will be on a roll for the next few years.

iKON's successful comeback is good news for YG Entertainment, home to the talented boy group, of course.

You know, iKON had been on a long hiatus before the team made a comeback with "Love Scenario". iKON had not been very active in the Korean music market even though the team received great attention as the boy group of YG Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies, and that's why iKON's fans expressed much anger toward Yang Hyun Suk.

A serious problem was that iKON was less popular in Korea than expected due to its long hiatus in the k-pop world. In this situation, Yang Hyun Suk knew that he didn't have much time because all the BIGBANG members would join the army soon and he had to make iKON a super star before their enlistment. That's why the famous k-pop producer is giving full support to iKON.

So, things are going well as Yang Hyun Suk expected. iKON is enjoying huge popularity, and through its comeback, the young boy group proved that it is the future of YG, showing the possibility that it can replace BIGBANG. And of course, everything is thanks to the great talent and passion for music of the 7 members, who have been hard at work on their music.


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