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Are Wanna One members really rude and vulgar?

Wanna One members have been embroiled in controversy due to their inconsiderate behavior. They recently appeared on "Star Live", a live show that was broadcast by, but the young members who didn't notice the beginning of the show made fatal mistakes. Even though a staff member informed them that the live show was about to begin, they didn't give attention to the staff member, making a lot of racket. Even worse, they complained about their life as an idol, mentioning their payment and schedule issues.

Although fans of Ha Sungwoon asked Digital Forensic Lab and proved that he didn't use bad language in the video, many people are still criticizing Wanna One, saying the members are too rude and vulgar.

Then, the question here is are Wanna One members really rude and vulgar? What do you think?

All the k-pop idols look nice and polite on TV. They always behave nicely, smiling in a friendly manner. However, what you should know is that they're working on TV as professional entertainers. They have to smile brightly even when they're in deep sorrow. And some of them, who have bad personality, pretend to be nice and polite on TV. Why? Because smiling and entertaining people on TV are their job.

Of course, there are some good-natured idols who always act in the same way, but many idols don't. It doesn't mean many idols bad personality, though. Some of them pretend to be very cheerful on TV even though they're quiet and reserved in real life. And others pretend to be gentle and quiet on TV even though they're cheerful and talkative in real life. Why? Because they need to satisfy and entertain their fans by showing right images. As I said, that's their job. And we can't say they're doing something wrong, right? They're professional entertainers.

Let's get back to talking about Wanna One. The members always behave nicely and politely on TV just like the other idols. However, they're in their early 20s, and they're ordinary people too. Do you think they did terribly wrong in the controversial video? Of course, they should have been more careful as professional entertainers. However, most of the other Korean young people in their early 20s act and talk like them. And most of the other young k-pop idols complain about their payment and schedule issues in personal situations because they don't be paid much money despite their hard work and great popularity.

So, what I want to tell you is that Wanna One members behaved that way not because they're really rude and vulgar. They're healthy young men, and they just behaved as usual, just like the other people in their early 20s.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!