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Stories behind the joint performance of Seohyun and North Korean singers

As part of the South-North Korean agreement that made Pyongyang’s participation in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games possible, North Korea’s Samjiyon Orchestra arrived via the Mangyongbong-92 ferry on February 6 to perform in Gangneung and Seoul.

The Seoul concert, held at Haeorum Theater located inside of the National Theater of Korea on February 11, was attended by prominent figures including President Moon Jae-in, first lady Kim Jung-sook, Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Kim Yong-nam, president of North Korea’s Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

By the way, it was notable that Seohyeon of Girls’ Generation made an appearance on stage to collaborate with the members of the North Korean orchestra. The female k-pop star sang a total of 2 songs with North Korean singers, showing off her beauty.

Then, aren't you curious to know why Seohyun was chosen as the South Korean performer of the concert? Here are stories behind the Girls' Generation member's appearance in the concert.

At first, when the South Korean government suggested the joint performance to North Korea’s Samjiyon Orchestra, the orchestra was opposed to it. They said there was not enough time to prepare for the joint performance. However, the South Korean government persuaded the orchestra, and they finally accepted the suggestion.

But the problem was that all the North Korean singers were females, which means they would have to rearrange their songs if male k-pop singer joined the concert.

So, the South Korean government decided to ask one of female k-pop singers to join the concert, and the government chose Seohyun as the South Korean performer of the concert for some reasons.

First, the show was watched by many elderly people in Korea. Actually, elderly people in Korea know very little k-pop idols, and yeah, Seohyun, who has been active as a member of Girls' Generation, the most popular k-pop girl group, is one of the most famous k-pop idols among elderly people in Korea.

Second, Girls' Generation is very popular in North Korea. You know, unlike most of the other k-pop girl groups, Girls' Generation has never showed raunchy and suggestive performance. Girls' Generation's refined performance and group dance are agreeable to North Korean sentiment.

Third, Seohyun is one of the most popular Girls' Generation member in North Korea. The good-natured idol star has been trying to keep her on the straight and narrow, and her good character and image appealed to North Korean people.

Even though Seohyun was asked to join the concert right before the concert and didn't have enough time to prepare for her performance at all, she showed great chemistry with North Korean singers. It was very impressive and historical performance.


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