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[Goo Hara Sex Tape Leak Shock] Why the female kpop star revealed the existence of the sex tape herself

Goo Hara, a female k-pop star who has achieved tremendous things as a member of popular girl group Kara, is having a hard time.

You know, she is currently being investigated for an assault case, and it seems both Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum, a handsome hair designer who is known as "Yoo Ah-in of Cheongdam-dong", are responsible for causing bodily harm to each other. Goo Hara got bruises all over her body, while the hair designer had scars on her face.

But what's even more shocking is that the ex-boyfriend threatened to leak a sex tape with the k-pop idol in it. He threatened to upload footage of their intimate moments on the web as revenge porn following their 30-minute fight. Even though his lawyer stated that there were no such threats made and that filming the sex tape was Goo Hara’s idea to begin with, the statement doesn't sound so reliable because the ex-boyfriend had contacted Dispatch and suggested that he has information worthy of spoiling her reputation, passing on his number. And Goo Hara was seen in a CCTV grab, on her knees, pleading to Choi Jong Bum to reconsider his threat.

By the way, it was not Choi Jong Bum who first announced the existence of the sex tape to the public. Yeah, it was Goo Hara. She mentioned about the sex tape and her ex-boyfriend's threat through her interview with Dispatch. Well, don't you think it's strange? The fact that there is a sex tape with a female k-pop idol in it must be a deathblow to her.

After Goo Hara fought with her ex-boyfriend and he threatened to leak a sex tape, her main concern was the sex tape. As a woman, she felt hopeless, imagining how she would be treated by people if the sex tape was really leaked. That's why she tried to resolve all the conflicts from the first. She tried to soothe her ex-boyfriend. But things didn't go as she had wished. Their relationship got worse.

In this situation. Goo Hara had to do something to prevent him from leaking the sex tape. And after a long pondering, she decided to reveal the existence of the sex tape herself. Choi Jong Bum threatened Goo Hara with the sex tape because he knew the k-pop idol was frightened. However, by revealing all the things, Goo Hara disarmed him. He was absolutely confused after Goo Hara's interview, and the possibility of the actual leak of the sex tape has been abandoned because all the people know who has the original sex tape. It was Goo Hara's courageous and smart act.

Public opinion is on Goo Hara's side now. A petition which demands legal punishment for Choi Jong Bum has been filed to the government. Korean citizens who have shown support to the idol star have been in uproar as they’ve raised the question of whether the government actually intends to take action for criminals who are involved in uploading revenge pornography. They have also pointed out that no one responsible for such crime in Korea have ever been punished by the government.


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