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Anecdotes about TVXQ U-Know Yunho's real personality

When he was a trainee, he practiced 10 hours a day for 3 and a half years. He really wanted to be a singer but his parents opposed it. His parents were not supportive at all and he had to have lots of part-time jobs. He worked in a ski resort, BBQ restaurant, and also did snow-removing work.

School Days
When he debuted, he was still a high school student. After finishing school classes in his hometown Gwangju on Saturday, he took a train to Seoul. And after finishing his performance on Sunday, he took a train again to Gwanju. He arrived at 5 am in Gwangju and went to a beauty salon because he had to dye his hair black. He was awarded for perfect attendance at his school, while his grades were always more than 80.

He had a fracture on his hucklebone because he was bumped into a stage setting. He also hurt his Achilles' tendon but he overcame it by focusing on a rehab. And when he hurt his vocal cord, he got a shot of Novocain and performed at TVXQ's concert. After the concert, he had an operation. That's why his Adam's apple is smaller than that of others.

Volunteer Activities
He has donated a princely sum of money to the less fortunate. He also donated to a scholarship fund that supports students. Whenever he got a vacation, he visited his old teachers to pay his respects to them and did volunteer work.

When he was preparing for his debut, his grandfather was in a critical condition. Yunho hurried to his hometown and visited the hospital room. As Yunho entered, grandfather gave him a thumb up, smiling. It was the last glimpse of grandfather. Yunho burst out sobbing and he promised grandfather he will never cry until he will reach the top as a singer. After then, he never cried in spite of so many happy and sad events. He finally cried when TVXQ held an exclusive concert in Tokyo Dome on April 2 2015.

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