Jung Seung Hwan says there's something extraordinary about IU

Talented young ballad singer Jung Seung Hwan has recently released his new album. The male singer's first ever full album includes a total of 10 songs, and famous k-pop producer Yoo Hee Yeol, who is the chief producer of Atenna Music, home to Jung Seung Hwan, gave full support to him, taking part in writing some of the songs.

However, as you may know, Yoo Hee Yeol is not the only famous songwriter who participated in Jung Seung Hwan's new album. IU, the queen of k-pop, took part in writing one of Jung Seung Hwan's new songs, "The Snowman". The fairytale-like lyrics of the song written by IU are loved by a variety of people, and of course, the song ranked very high on various music charts.

So, are you curious to know how Jung Seung Hwan and IU collaborated? Check out what the male singer recently talked about his collaboration with IU.

So many great artists helped me by participating in my new album. Especially, I was so thankful that IU readily agreed to participate in the album when I asked her to. Even though she was very busy, she gave me very concrete advice through text messages. I could know there was something extraordinary about the super star. She was meticulous and energetic. I've always liked her as an artist and songwriter. Thanks to her, I could sing a great song. I really thank her for that. She said I did a good job after listening to the recorded song, and I hope I will get more chances to work with her.

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