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Is Suzy's new solo album really a flop?

On January 29, Suzy made a comeback with her new solo album "Faces of Love", drawing great attention from k-pop fans all over the world. The album includes various genres of music, and it's notable that the former Miss A member took part in writing some songs of her new album, showing her potential as a singer songwriter. And you know, Suzy is a super star, and of course, all the people in the k-pop world had predicted that the female star would top a variety of online music charts.

However, unfortunately, the result is below expectations. All the songs of Suzy's new album including the title track "Holiday" ranked not that high on online music charts. The pre-released song "I love someone else" is doing pretty good on the charts, but it seems it's not easy for the song to crack the top 10 of Melon, the most influential online music chart in Korea. On the chart, iKON and Red Velvet are enjoying great popularity, and even Momoland and Chungha, who are considered as less popular k-pop artists than Suzy, ranked higher than the super star. That's why some people are saying Suzy's new solo album is a flop.

Well, what do you think? To say the conclusion first, no, it's not a flop. Here are some reasons for that.

When Suzy released her first ever solo album in January, 2017, she took part in writing lyrics for her songs. She could just sing songs written by professional song writers because she is a super star and her success as a solo singer seemed to be guaranteed. But, she took on a new challenge. What do you think it means? She's aiming to become a great musician, not just a pretty idol. She's aiming higher, and she wants to become a singer who can sing a variety of different genres of music.

And yeah, releasing her new solo album, she took part in writing songs again. You know, Park Jin Young is one of the most competent k-pop song writers, and he would have written a great song for Suzy if she had told him to.

Of course, Suzy is not a perfect song writer yet, but one encouraging fact is that she certainly showed her potential as a singer songwriter through her new album. Lyrics and melodies written by the pretty k-pop star are quite impressive. The reason why her new album couldn't rank high on online music charts was because the songs are a little bit different from popular k-pop songs, which usually have catchy hooks and melodies. And it seems Suzy couldn't find her own characteristics as a solo musician yet. The songs are good, but it's hard to say they're very unique and distinctive. You know, she's been active as a member of Miss A for a long time, and it will take some time for her to establish her identity as a solo musician.

It doesn't mean Suzy's songs are lousy, though. It was a good start. You don't have to worry, Suzy will soon find her own characteristics as a solo musician and make a comeback with great songs because she is such a talented singer and very passionate about music. Even though she's already become a very popular star, she puts much effort into her work to be a better musician.


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