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Jonghyun proves his great artistic talent once again

Jonghyun's new solo album was released on January 23. Even though the idol star died on December 18, 2017, he has worked on the album last year and the album finally came into the world.

The album is receiving lots of attention from k-pop fans all over the world, of course. It is the popular k-pop idol's last album, and it's natural that so many fans are listening to the album to remember him.

However, do you think the album is special just because it is Jonghyun's last work? No, that's not all. We should remind ourselves that Jonghyun has wanted to be recognized as a characterful musician during his life. He has released so many great songs, showing off his outstanding artistic talent. Unlike other k-pop idols, who usually sing typical and colorless songs, Jonghyun has sung characterful and unique songs. And as a talented singer songwriter, he's written many own songs. He was certainly different from ordinary idol singers.

Through his new solo album that was released on January 23, Jonghyun proved his great artistic talent once again. Even though he is no longer with us, his songs still shine brightly. The title track "Shinin'" is an electronic pop song which has characterful tropical sources and trap rhythm. The song is really impressive. Through the song containing Jonghyun's own musical characteristics, the talented artist or poet shows how different he is from the other idol singers. And as a great vocalist, he shows his great singing ability too. Instead of just showing off his techniques, he focuses on conveying the song's emotions, naturally following the flow of the song.

That's not all. As always, Jonghyun's album includes a variety of genres of music. "Only One You Need" is an electronic synth pop, while "#Hashtag" is a medium tempo R&B song. And "Take The Dive" is a pop ballad piece. Jonghyun sang all the songs perfectly, and what's more surprising is that he wrote most of the songs. There are many talented k-pop singers, but just a few of them can do the same thing.

Jonghyun was a great musician who had outstanding artistic talent. The characterful musician was irreplaceable. That's why so many people in the k-pop world are saying his death is a great loss to the k-pop industry. Even though he's not with us any more, I hope many people will know his true worth by listening to his new album. Rest in peace, Jonghyun.


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