Actress Lee Yehyun says EXO's Kai is humane and humorous in real life

In the recently ended TV drama "Andante", EXO's Kai played the title role, and he showed good acting performance. Did you enjoy watching the drama?

By the way, do you remember actress Lee Yehyun? Yeah, the one who played Kai's sister. You may remember the actress' face because there was a good chemistry between Kai and her.

So, check out what Lee Yehyun talked about Kai in a recent interview.

Even before taking an audition for my role, I knew Kai would play the title role of the drama. On the first day of our script reading, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Actually, I've been a big fan of EXO since the team debuted. I've watched the music video of "Mama" again and again. I really had to try to calm myself down while acting with Kai. I was very nervous. He is very charismatic on the stage, but he's very humane and humorous in real life. Thanks to his help, I could become more and more comfortable with him.

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