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Was SBS Gayo Daejun really partial to BTS?

SBS Gayo Daejun was aired on December 25. Did you enjoy the show? A variety of famous k-pop idols appeared on the show and showed great performance.

By the way, after the broadcast, some of k-pop fans lodged a complaint about the show, saying "Gayo Daejun was clearly partial to BTS". Well, what do you think? Here are how many songs each singer sang and how long each singer appeared on the show.

1. BTS : 3 songs - 12 min 5 sec
2. IU : 3 songs - 11 min 1 sec
3. TWICE : 3 songs - 10 min 19 sec
4. Wanna One : 3 songs - 9 min 11 sec
5. EXO : 3 songs - 8 min 12 sec
6. Sunmi : 2 songs - 7 min 1 sec
7. NCT127 : 2 songs - 6 min 37 sec
8. GOT7 : 2 songs - 6 min 27 sec
9. BLACKPINK : 2 songs - 5 min 59 sec
10. Red Velvet : 2 songs - 5 min 52 sec
11. GFriend : 2 songs - 5 min 23 sec
12. WINNER : 2 songs - 5 min 20 sec
13. BTOB : 1 song - 4 min 42 sec

As you can see above, among all the singers, BTS appeared on the show for the longest time, singing a total of 3 songs. Especially, BTS appeared on the show about three times longer than BTOB, which generated lots of BTOB fans' complaints.

The reason why Gayo Daejun gave BTS much time to perform is because, yeah, BTS is now the most popular k-pop boy group. The team has achieved so many things in 2017 and gained sensational popularity at home and abroad. Since BTS has been very busy performing in various foreign countries and doesn't make an appearance on TV very often, SBS thought the best way to make success of Gayo Daejun was to take advantage of BTS to the fullest.

It was SBS' choice, and we can't blame the broadcasting company because, you know, Gayo Daejun is theirs, and they gave BTS much time to perform even though they also knew it was not fair. Most of the other broadcasting companies do this thing too.

However, SBS should have been more considerate. All the singers who appeared on Gayo Daejun were great singers, and they have many fans. It's an undeniable fact that SBS disappointed the fans by giving them relatively less time to perform. 2017 Gayo Daejun was not a "Gayo Daejun" (K-pop Festival) but a popular idol show.


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