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Lee Seung Gi says he was like BTOB's Yook Sung Jae in the old days

SBS' new TV program "All the butlers" will begin to air soon. You know, it will be Lee Seung Gi's first TV program since "Journey to the West" in 2015, and it is expected that the talented k-pop star will entertain many fans by making an appearance in the program. Are you looking forward to the program?

By the way, it's notable that one of Lee Seung Gi's co-stars really likes him and even thinks of the k-pop star as his role model. Yeah, it's BTOB's Yook Sung Jae. According to the producer of "All the butlers", Yook Sung Jae said Lee Seung Gi is his role model and he is now very excited about making an appearance in the program with his role model. Check out what the producer talked about the two handsome stars.

Yook Sung Jae really loves Lee Seung Gi. He thinks of Lee Seung Gi as his role model, and he decided to appear in the program without any hesitation because of Lee Seung Gi. We didn't know that Yook Sung Jae thinks of Lee Seung Gi as his role model, but before casting Yook Sung Jae, all the production crew said the two k-pop stars are very alike. The two have been active not only as singers but also as actors. And both of them have good sense, and they always do their best. That's why we love them. And actually, Lee Seung Gi has great affection for Yook Sung Jae too. When Yook Sung Jae was just off his seat, Lee Seung Gi told me that he was like Yook Sung Jae in the old days. He looked very excited. I hope Yook Sung Jae will become as great a TV star as Lee Seung Gi.


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