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IU's deep sorrow over SHINee Jonghyun's death

Although it has been days since SHINee's Jonghyun died, many people are still in deep sorrow. It was shocking and sad news that the talented idol star committed suicide.

Just like Jonghyun's many fans all over the world, famous k-pop star IU is in deep sorrow too. Even though IU does not belong to SM Entertainment, home to Jonghyun, the female singer has been maintaining a very close relationship with him. IU doesn't have an extrovert personality, and she doesn't have many friends in the Korean entertainment world. But, yeah, Jonghyun was one of her closest friends, and the two talented musicians had great chemistry together. You know, IU's "A gloomy clock" was written by Jonghyun, and he himself was featured in the song as a singer.

About two years ago, IU made a guest appearance in Jonghyun's solo concert held at the SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM. They showed an impressive performance by singing a duet, and IU opened her letter to Jonghyun too. Let's see what IU talked about Jonghyun.

It was "Immortal Songs," right? We became acquainted with each other at the program. As we debuted around the same time, we had similar worries, similar desires, and similar dreams. Both of us are 8th-year idols in our mid-20s who have many things we want to prove. And we are workaholics who constantly write and sing to search for the real existence of ourselves, while we always have been extremely overrated or underrated. We have so much in common, don't we? That's why I understand you and I'm rooting for you even though I think you need to slow down sometimes. However, it seems that you're getting thinner, and I hope you will think about your health too. We do different genres of music and perform on different stages, but I'll cheer for you nearby. Have all the things you want to have, do all the things you want to do, and prove all the things. The one who works really hard can achieve everything.

After Jonghyun's death, IU visited his mortuary to express her condolence, of course. And on December 20, two days after Jonghyun's death, she performed at a company's year-end party. Well, she must not have wanted to perform in front of many people because she was in deep sorrow, but she attended the party to keep her promise with the company. She wore black suit to express her condolence. However, while singing "Meaning of you", she broke into tears. She had sung the song at Jonghyun's solo concert, and the song must have reminded her of her best friend.

Rest in peace, Jonghyun. And I would like to offer my heartfelt consolation to IU, who has lost her best friend.

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