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Hong Jonghyun says he may like Yoona in real life

As you may know, many actors who appeared in "The King Loves" have been maintaining very close relationship with each other even though they've already finished filming the drama. A total of 12 actors including Hong Jonghyun and Yoona often meet each other and have a good time together. They have a gathering at least twice a month. They eat together, and they go bowling too. And they've also visited Lim Siwan, who joined the army after finishing filming the drama.

By the way, it seems some of them are closer than we thought. Check out what Hong Jonghyun talked about Yoona in a recent interview.

When I was filming "The King Loves", I had a hard time because I couldn't understand some of directions of our producer. I messed up everything. By the way, Yoona sent me a long text message and tried to cheer me up. I never talked to her about the matter between the producer and myself, but she sent me a long text message after she happened to hear our conversation. I slept wonderfully that night thanks to Yoona. Actually, it's not my first time to meet her. When we just debuted, we met at a fashion show, and we've also done a pictorial shoot together. And these days, I'm trying to play a leading role in our gathering because of Yoona. I'm not that kind of character, but she said I have to do it because Lim Siwan can't do such a role any more. Well, some people say I talk too much about Yoona in an interview, and they ask me if I like her in real life. Do I really like her? Maybe? I'll leave that to your imagination, haha. My ideal type? It's Yoona.

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