Girls' Generation's Yoona hopes to release more solo songs

Girls' Generation's Yoona won the Popularity Award at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards held on November 15. The winner of the Popularity Award was voted by global fans, which means Yoona is now one of the most popular k-pop stars. The more amazing fact is that the beautiful idol star won the award won the award two times in a row.

So, check out what Yoona talked about the Popularity Award. She gave her thoughts on it after winning the award.

I know the winner of the Popularity Award was selected by votes from global fans, and of course, I thank my fans for their great support. They gave me the award. I felt really happy when I won the Popularity Award because I think the Popularity Award is the best award among all in a sense. Only popular people can win the award, and the award makes me proud. Since my fans always have been giving great support to me, I hope I will be able to express my thanks to them by actively interacting with them. Actually, I've released my solo songs because I wanted to make good memories with my fans. When I hold a birthday party or fan meeting, I usually sing one or two songs, and I wanted to have good time with my fans, singing my songs, not other singers' songs. Even though it can't be said that my solo songs were regular albums because they were released through SM Station, I hope I will release one or two more solo songs. I want to sing the songs for my fans. And I think I will have a chance to meet my fans through my new drama next year.

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