Girl's Day's Hyeri says she's stimulated by Suzy

On November 23, a press conference for MBC's new drama "Two Cops" was held in Seoul. A notable thing about the drama is that Girl's Day's Hyeri will play a reporter in the drama just like her close friend Suzy did in her recent drama "While you were sleeping". So, check out what Hyeri talked about at the press conference.

**Hyeri was asked about her boyfriend Ryu Junyeol, but she didn't say anything about him.

When I was offered the role, Suzy was preparing for her new drama and she told me "I play a reporter too". She said she was enjoying preparing for the role. I asked her for advice several times. You know, she did really great in her drama. And as a friend, I told her she looked really cool in the drama. Of course, I'm worried that people will compare her with me, but I'll try my best. I'm stimulated by her.

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