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The reason why BoA decided to make an appearance in a low-budget film

BoA's new movie will be released soon. The female k-pop star has filmed "Autumn Sonata", and the movie will be released on October 19. The movie is BoA's first ever romance movie. Are you looking forward to the movie?

By the way, it's notable that the movie is a low-budget film. Except for BoA, there are no famous stars who appear in the movie, while the director of the movie is not that famous in Korea either. For that reason, it is predicted that the movie will not be a commercial success.

Then, what do you think is the reason why BoA decided to make an appearance in the low-budget film? Well, as I've already mentioned about this issue before, it is because BoA is different from the other famous k-pop stars.

You know, BoA has achieved a great success as a singer and reached at the top of the tree. Top k-pop stars like BoA usually start their career as actresses by taking the lead role of TV miniseries which has at least 16 episodes and is broadcast on terrestrial network, while most of them want to play noble and beautiful characters. But, most of them are embroiled in controversy due to their lack of acting ability. It is a matter of course because the underqualified actors & actresses take on very important role even before building enough acting skills.

However, BoA was different. She started her acting career by appearing in "Hope for dating" in 2013, while it was just a two-part drama and her character was not noble at all. And in her second drama, "My wife's having an affair this week," she played a divorced woman. In Korea, it is very exceptional for a 30-year old k-pop star, who's not married yet, to play a divorcee. And yeah, BoA has launched another challenge by deciding to make an appearance in "Autumn Sonata", a low-budget film.

What BoA is doing now is building her acting skills to become a competitive actress. BoA didn't want a free pass, and she decided to make an appearance in a low-budget film because she was sure the movie could help her improve her acting skills. I'm sure BoA is doing the right thing. If she was an arrogant k-star, she wouldn’t have done such a thing because she is a super star and she could start her acting career by taking the lead role of popular dramas.


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