Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Interview] TWICE say they could be very successful in Japan thanks to Kara and Girls' Generation

Q. You made a comeback with your first full album "Twicetagram". How do you feel?
Tzuyu: I feel excited whenever we release our new album. And since it is our first full album, I'm very curious about how our fans like it.
Dahyun: We've been loved by so many fans, and we put a lot of things into the album in return for their love.
Jihyo: I'm filled with emotion because we released the album to celebrate our two year anniversary.
Jeongyeon: It was really interesting to give hints about the album on SNS. I hope we'll get closer to our fans through the album.

Q. What did you care about the most while preparing for the album?
Jihyo: We wanted to preserve our own musical characteristics. Our cheerful and bright songs were loved by many fans, and our fans loved our easy and catchy dance moves too. Our new title track "Likey" is a song which has such musical characteristics. We'll maintain our concept at least for the time being.
Nayeon: All the members are cute and playful, and I think such characteristics have naturally become the concept of our team.

Q. It's notable that you took part in writing the lyrics for your new songs.
Jihyo: Actually, we've never learned how to write song lyrics, but I think we could write characterful lyrics thanks to it.

Q. You've been on a roll since you debuted. Don't you feel pressured to make a huge success of your new song?
Chaeyoung: Our songs were loved by so many people, and it's true I was very nervous before releasing our new album. But I think "Likey" is a great song, and I hope many fans will like it.
Jihyo: We feel very nervous and excited at the same time. We've been very hard at work on the song because we know so many fans sent their love to us, and I hope they'll like the song.

Q. Momo, you have a solo dance part for "Likey".
Momo: Yeah, I feel a little bit pressured, but I'll do my best not to cause damage to the other members. It's my first time to create my choreography, and I'm so happy that the choreography is included in our new title song.
Nayeon: Momo is such a great dancer, and I'm sure she will show everything she has through the song.

Q. You're enjoying huge popularity in Japan. How do you feel?
Sana: We're so thankful for it, but I think everything is thanks to Kara and Girls' Generation, who have achieved a great success in the country years ago. We're still lacking in many things, but we'll do our best.

Q. Famous k-pop singers such as Epik High and Im Chang Jung released their new albums around the same time as you. Do you have a sense of rivalry against them?
Jihyo: We're just honored to be compared with them.
Jeongyeon: We recently held a fan meeting, and Im Chang Jung's children came there too. They said they're our fans, and we were so thankful for it.

Q. What's your goal?
Jihyo: We're loved by so many fans, and I'm thankful for everything, but the most important thing is I'm really enjoying communicating with our fans. I'm so happy when I'm with our fans, and my goal is to maintain all the things.
Sana: When we released "Cheer Up", I felt really happy to perform at a variety of schools. I have very fond memories of performing in front of many students. So I want to visit many schools again, and I also want to hold fan meetings and concerts to spend time with our fans.
Jeongyeon: You know, we have many members, and I think the most important thing is our health. I feel happy when I sing and dance with the other members.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!