Hoya gives his thoughts on his first ever appearance in a musical after leaving Infinite

Hoya, a former member of Infinite who has left the team last August made the first step as an actor.

On October 30, Hoya attended a press conference for his musical "Hourglass". He has appeared in several dramas, but it's his first time to act after leaving Infinite. You know, INFINITE was signed by Woollim Entertainment in 2010, and its 7-year contract with the agency has been terminated last June. 6 out of 7 INFINITE members have renewed their contracts right after the expiration of the contracts, but, yeah, Hoya decided not to renew his contract after much consideration.

At the press conference, he introduced himself as "Lee Howon", which is his real name, and he gave his thoughts on his appearance in the musical. Check out what he said.

When I was a singer, I sang a song on stage for only about 3-4 minutes. And when I filmed dramas, I acted in front of cameras just for several minutes. I've been looking forward to appearing in a musical because I can act on stage for a longer period of time. I know I got a great chance, and I'm trying hard to learn now. Practicing together with many senior actors, I absolutely can learn many things.

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