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Actor Lee Jehoon says Suzy became more mature and beautiful

Suzy rose to stardom after taking the lead role of her film "Architecture 101" in 2012, achieving the nickname of "Nation's First Love." She was so innocent and lovely in the movie, and such a pure image helped her drive on without a stop as an idol star. And you know, Suzy played opposite to actor Lee Jehoon in the movie, and the two young stars showed great chemistry,

So, check out what Lee Jehoon talked about Suzy. The actor recently attended 22nd Busan International Film Festival and had a talk with Korean film reporters.

Even though it has been about 5 years since "Architecture 101" was released, the movie is still considered as a great movie which reminds people of their first love. It's an honor for me to have been able to take part in such a movie. In the movie, I played Suzy's friend, but I'm 10 years older than her in reality. When I filmed the movie, I tried to look younger than my age, and I also tried to be friendly to her. We felt comfortable with each other while filming the movie. You know, she's been loved by so many people since she appeared in the movie, and I think she became more mature and beautiful. And she became a better actress too. I hope to act with her again some day, may be in a romantic movie.

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