Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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The truth about the blackmail case regarding BTS' marketing

Q. What happened?
In 2015, Big Hit Entertainment asked the criminal's advertising agency to promote BTS' album. The project ended without any particular result. However, 2 years later, the criminal sent an email to an employee of Big Hit Entertainment and threatened that he would inform the media of Big Hit Entertainment's illegal marketing if the k-pop agency doesn't give him 330 million won. (about 300,000 USD) After then, Big Hit Entertainment accused him of blackmailing, and the criminal was given a one-year jail sentence on August 31.

Q. What's the problem?
Even though the criminal was convicted and it's true that Big Hit Entertainment is the victim of the blackmail case, the problem is that the k-pop agency's employee gave some money to the criminal. The employee gave him a total of 57 million won (about 50,000 USD) in early 2017. So, it could be considered that the employee had to give him some money because Big Hit Entertainment really tried to promote BTS' album in an illegal way and the criminal had proof of the illegal marketing.

Q. Did Big Hit Entertainment really try to promote BTS' album in an illegal way?
No, it's the criminal's unilateral and incorrect claim. Big Hit Entertainment did nothing illegal. The criminal just wanted to get money by threatening Big Hit Entertainment, home to the most popular k-pop boy group these days. Then, what do you think is the reason why the employee gave the criminal money? You know, BTS is in its golden days now, and the employee were worried if the criminal's false claim could have a bad effect on BTS.

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