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Luna says f(x) members are on good terms and they'll never give up f(x)

Are you a fan of f(x)? Then you must be looking forward to the girl group's comeback. You know, it has been 2 years since f(x) released "4Walls" in 2015, but the girl group didn't make a comeback yet. Some say f(x) members are on bad terms and they'll never release their new album, but it's not true. According to Luna, who's currently appearing in her musical "Rebecca", they're on good terms and they'll make a comeback in due time. Check out what she said.

I'm currently appearing in my musical "Rebecca", and Victoria has visited the theater to support me. Even though she couldn't watch my musical because she couldn't understand Korean dialogues, she bought a cake for me. Krystal, who has been busy filming her drama will visit me soon, and Amber will too. They always support me. And I know so many fans are looking forward to our comeback. Even though we couldn't have released our new album for a long time, we're still on good terms and we don't want to give up our music and f(x). We don't know when will be our last, but everything is precious to us, and we've been always trying hard to make a perfect album since we debuted. For now, I'm preparing for my solo album. I will release the album this winter, and I'll surprise my fans with extreme makeover.

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