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IU didn't get her clothes sponsored and put her makeup by herself while filming "Hyori's Guesthouse"

You know, celebrities always wear good clothes. And yeah, they look really awesome. By the way, do you know famous stars get most of their clothes sponsored? Stars are offered free clothing from a variety of brands because the brands want to connect a high-profile celebrity with their products in order to promote them.

However, there is a popular Korean star who doesn't usually get her clothes sponsored. Yeah, it's IU. It's quite extraordinary that the female k-pop star doesn't get her clothes sponsored because there are so many brands which want to offer free clothing to her, and she can get a lot of money just by wearing their clothes. But, yeah, she refuses all the offers and she usually wears her own clothes. Why? Because she wants to avoid any possible troubles.

As I said before, many young Korean females who've watched "Hyori's Guesthouse" are suffering from "IU's Disease". They wear NERDY's sweatsuits or boxy fit clothes just like IU does. Most of famous stars get their clothes sponsored when they appear in a TV show too. However, yeah, all of the clothes IU wears in "Hyori's Guesthouse" are her own clothes.

Do you know what's even more surprising? She put her makeup and did her hair by herself when she filmed "Hyori's Guesthouse". Yeah, she was not accompanied by her stylist when she filmed the program. There are no other female stars who put their makeup and do their hair by themselves because all of female stars hope to look prettier. However, IU did all the things by herself because she wanted to show natural herself.

And of course, IU could do such a thing because she's so humble and humane.

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