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Top 3 best Girls' Generation songs chosen by kpop critics

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Girls' Generation. No doubt, Girls' Generation is no.1 k-pop girl group, and the girl group has been loved by so many fans. Then, which song do you think is the best Girls' Generation song? Yeah, there could be a variety of different opinions because the girl group has numerous hit songs, but k-pop critics has recently chosen top 3 best Girls' Generation songs. Check out what those are.

1. Into the new world (2007)

Comments from k-pop critics
"Into the new world" is not only the best Girls' Generation song but also the best k-pop song. The song contains all the energies such as dream, hope and courage, while the song is one of a few k-pop songs which give positive energy instead of highlighting idol's sexual attraction. The song has a catchy hook, but what's impressive about the song is that the song has a great structure too. The fact that students from Ewha Woman's University sang the song when they held a protest means the song's melody is very powerful. The melody is not too light but not too heavy either.

2. I got a boy (2013)

Comments from k-pop critics
"I got a boy"  is a very dramatic song which has a complex structure. The song is like a raging wind. Girls' Generation members were full of spirits when they released "I got a boy", and they showed perfect group dance performance at that time. What is most remarkable is that Girls' Generation released the very experimental song despite the possibility of commercial failure.

3. Gee (2009)

Comments from k-pop critics
"Gee" is a well-made song, and the hook song can be considered as the symbol of k-pop music. And above all things, "Gee" is the biggest hit of Girls' Generation, and Girls' Generation was at their peak when they released the song.

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