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The reason why Suzy's participation in GMF 2017 is very meaningful

On August 22, Grand Mint Festival 2017 (GMF 2017) announced that Suzy will take part in the festival to be held from October 21-22. It will be her first time to perform on stage as a solo singer since she renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment on August 2. Of course, much attention is being given to the top k-pop star's participation in the festival, and it is expected that she will show great performance.

By the way, Suzy's participation in GMF 2017 is very meaningful for some reasons. Do you know why?

Actually, k-pop idols do not usually take part in GMF. Check out the lineup for this year's GMF. Daybreak, Dean, MIND U, URBAN ZAKAPA, Peppertones, No Reply, Dear Cloud, Standing Egg, Sugarbowl and more. They're great musicians but most of them are underground artists, while Suzy is the only idol singer who is going to take part in this year's GMF.

According to JYP Entertainment, Suzy decided to participate in GMF 2017 because she has been a big fan of GMF and she wanted to sing at the festival. But that's not all. Through her participation in the festival, you can guess what the female idol star is aiming at as a solo singer.

When Suzy released her first ever solo album in January, 2017, she took part in writing lyrics for her songs. She could just sing songs written by professional song writers because she is a super star and her success as a solo singer seemed to be guaranteed. But, yeah, she took on a new challenge. What do you think it means? She's aiming to become a great musician, not just a pretty idol. She's aiming higher, and she wants to become a singer who can sing a variety of different genres of music.

So, participating in GMF 2017 will be another challenge for her, and she hopes to take one step further as a solo musician by singing at the festival.

Actually, Suzy is a better singer than people think. Most of people are interested only in her appearance because she is so beautiful, but she's well trained by JYP and she's very talented in singing and dancing too. She loves music, and she hopes to be active as a competent singer for a long time.

As I said before, that was one reason why Suzy renewed her contract with JYP. She once thought about making a contract with an agency for actors, but the problem was that actors can't be active as singers in agencies for actors because making a music album needs workforce skills and capital investment. She decided to stay because JYP is one of the most competent k-pop agencies.

According to JYP Entertainment, currently there are no set plans for when Suzy will release her new solo album. However, one thing is certain. Suzy will work hard on her music and try to grow as a musician. She will show something new through her new album, and the album will have various genres of music including Suzy's own song because, yeah, she's aiming to become a competent musician, not a pretty dancing singer.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!