The reason why SHINee's Minho appears in "Let's eat dinner together" with actress Kim Sunah

SHINee's Minho is going to make an appearance in JTBC's popular TV program "Let's eat dinner together". He will take part in the recording of the program soon, and it is expected that the handsome idol star will entertain his fans by appearing in the program.

By the way, it's notable that Minho will appear in the program with actress Kim Sunah. When the production crew of the program cast celebrities, they don't cast just anyone. They cast celebrities who are intimate with each other. Yeah, just like actress Song Yoonah and Girls' Generation's Yoona who have appeared in the program.

However, you know, Minho and Kim Sunah work in different fields, and it seems that they must not be close to each other. Well, here's a story behind their appearance in "Let's eat dinner together".

At first, the production crew of "Let's eat dinner together" asked Kim Sunah to appear in the program. She's currently playing the main character in JTBC's drama "Woman of Dignity", and the actress decided to make an appearance in "Let's eat dinner together" to promote her drama and communicate with viewers. And she needed her partner to appear in "Let's eat dinner together" with, and yeah, she recommended Minho. Do you know why?

Actually, Kim Sunah and Minho are members of a private club named "Afraid of strangers", and they have been maintaining close relationship for a long time. Various Korean celebrities including Son Hyunjoo, Yoo Haejin, Ma Dongsuk, Song Joongki and BoA are members of the club, while all of them are people who are shy of strangers.

So, even though Minho didn't recently release his new album and has no drama to promote, he decided to appear in "Let's eat dinner together" to give help to his close friend who is shy of strangers.

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