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The reason why Onew decided not to take part in SHINee's dome tour in Japan

On August 28, SM Entertainment announced that Onew will not take part in SHINee's upcoming dome tour concert to be held in Japan in September. Well, it could be a sad news for the male idol star's fans, but what you should know is that SM didn't force him not to participate in the concert at all. Yeah, Onew himself didn't want to participate in the concert.

You know, Onew was accused of sexually harassed a woman in a club on August 12, and the police decided to prosecute him even though the woman has dropped charges against him. He was drunken, and he didn't intend to sexually harass the woman but, as I said before, he should have been more careful.

Anyway, in this situation, Onew told SM that he will not take part in SHINee's dome tour in Japan. Do you know why? As you know, Onew is good-natured, and he's faithful too. And he always cares about people around him. Especially, yeah, the SHINee members. As the leader of SHINee, he has a strong responsibility for the team. So, Onew didn't want to cause damage to his team and the rest members, and that's why he decided not to take part in SHINee's dome tour in Japan. Whether or not he really sexually harassed a woman, it's true there are many people who are blaming for his wrongdoing, and there is a possibility that all of the SHINee members will get blamed for what Onew did if he takes part in SHINee's upcoming concert.

Actually, Onew can take part in SHINee's dome tour if he wants to. He's not convicted of sexual harassment, and the concert will be held in Japan, not in Korea. However, He never wanted to give SHINee a bad name. It wasn't an easy decision because dome tour concert in Japan is one of the biggest and the most important events for k-pop idol groups. But, yeah, Onew made a decision for SHINee. He didn't want SHINee's achievement to be overshadowed by his sexual harassment scandal.

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