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Sooyoung feels pressured because Yoona and Seohyun are doing great in their dramas

On August 30, a press conference for MBC's new drama "Man who sets the table" was held in Seoul. As the leading actress of the drama, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung attended the event too, and the female idol star talked about her new drama.

By the way, you know, two other Girls' Generation members are currently appearing in MBC's dramas. Yoona is appearing in "The king in love", and Seohyun is acting in "Bad thief good thief", while it is uncommon that more than two members of a k-pop idol group appear in dramas of same broadcasting company at the same time. So, check out what Sooyoung talked about it.

Actually, we try not to appear in any dramas when we work on our new album. That's why we appear in our dramas around the same time. I wanted to appear in a good drama, and we just happened to appear in dramas of same broadcasting company. I know it's uncommon. Yoona and Seohyun are doing really great, and their dramas are very interesting too. I feel pressured, but I'm confident in my drama. In the drama, I play a character who tries hard to find a job. But she can't find a job, and she flies to Guam. She falls in love with a man there. Girls' Generation members are giving me a lot of support, and actually, the members chose my clothes for me today.

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