Japanese female idols become big fans of TWICE

You know, TWICE, a k-pop girl group who made an official debut in Japan by releasing its first Japanese album "#TWICE" on June 28 is enjoying huge popularity in the country. TWICE's debut album sold over 200,000 copies within just a week, and the album was ranked second on the Oricon's monthly chart.

By the way, it seems like TWICE is more popular in Japan than foreigners think. Many of Japanese female idols recently revealed that they're big fans of the girl group. You know, it's very unusual for celebrities to reveal that they're big fans of foreign idol group. In addition, it's notable that TWICE is loved by many Japanese female idols, not male idols. As I said before, girl groups should be loved by many female fans to become a top class girl group, and the fact that TWICE is loved by many Japanese females means the girl group is well qualified as the top class girl group in the country.

So, check out which Japanese female idols fell in love with TWICE.

NMB48's Fujie Reina, Watanabe Miyuki, Kishino Rika

AKB48's Owada Nana

HKT48's Tomonaga Mio

AKB48's Abe Maria

AKB48's Miyazaki Miho

NMB48's Yagura Fuuko

SKE48's Kimoto Kanon

Nogizaka46's Saitou Yuuri

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