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[Girls' Generation 10th anniversary fan meeting] Comments from Girls' Generation members

On August 5, Girls' Generation held its 10th anniversary fan meeting "Holiday to Remember" at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park, Seoul. Even though it was a fan meeting event, Girls' Generation performed a variety of its hits including "Into the new world", "Kissing you" and "Genie", electrifying its fans. Especially, it was notable that Girls' Generation performed its new songs "Holiday" and "All Night" for the first time at the event, while it must have been a great present for the girl group's fans, who have been supporting the girl group for 10 years.

Q. It has been 10 years since Girls' Generation debuted. How do you feel?
Sooyoung: I think it was a great choice for us to debut in summer and chose "Into the new world" as our debut song 10 years ago. I'm so thankful that "Into the new world" became an iconic song. And I want to express my gratitude to all the members, people who work for SM, and our fans.
Taeyeon: The time went fast. It feels like it has been not that long.

Q. How does it feel to release your 10th anniversary album?
Seohyun: First of all, I want to thank our fans who have been waiting for us for about 2 years. The album is like a special present for our fans, and I hope they enjoy listening to the album.
Taeyeon: I just want to enjoy our party with our fans.

Q. What did you care about the most when you were preparing for your 10th anniversary album?
Tiffany: I wanted to make our fans feel nostalgia for our old days. We chose "Holiday" and "All Night" as our title tracks because the songs remind people of our old days.
Hyoyeon: What I cared about the most is our choreography because there are many people who love our group dance performance.

Q. Tell me about your 10th anniversary album.
Yoona: The album has two title tracks, and some of the songs of the album are similar to our old songs which were included in our debut album. Actually, all the members said the album sounds like our debut album. I think the album contains a variety of attractions.

Q. What do you think is your greatest achievement as Girls' Generation?
Sooyoung: I heard that Billboard selected us as the best k-pop girl group. I'm so proud of it because it means we're receiving much recognition internationally.
Taeyeon: I can't forget the moment when we received video of the year award at Youtube Music Awards. I think it was a great chance for us to let people all over the world know about us.

Q. When was the most memorable moment in your career?
Yoona: There have been a lot of memorable moments, but I still can't forget our debut stage and the moment we were awarded the grand prize. And I also can't forget the moment we performed at the Tokyo Dome. And I was very happy when I lived with the other members in the same house.
Hyoyeon: I can't forget our debut stage. You know, we've been trained for a long time, and we could finally realize our dream on our debut stage.

Q. When was the toughest moment in your career?
Seohyun: We had a hard time before releasing "Gee" in 2009. We had to have a long hiatus, and it was not easy for us to prepare for the album. But, we felt rewarded later because "Gee" was loved by so many people.
Taeyeon: I think we go through a hard time whenever we choose our title tracks. We feel pressured to show a new side of ourselves every time, but yeah, we feel happy when so many people love our songs.

Q. What do you think is the secret of your team work?
Yoona: Basically, we try to be considerate of others. We always communicate with each other, and we accept each other just the way we are. And the fact that we have high self-esteem as Girls' Generation helps us have better team work too. Even when we do our individual activities, we can maintain high self-confidence because we are members of Girls' Generation.
Tiffany: We care about each other, and we love each other. Consideration and love are the secrets of our team work.
Taeyeon: Even when I perform as a solo singer, I never forget that I'm a member of Girls' Generation. I'm sure all of the other members feel the same way. Even though we're sometime busy doing our individual activities, we always remember that we're Girls' Generation, and that's why we can have high self-confidence.

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