Comments from Taeyang @ WHITE NIGHT in SEOUL

I perform all of my new songs at my "White Night" concert. Through the concert, I want to express feelings and sounds of my new album effectively and visually. I really put a lot of effort into the concert.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking of your great love and support. You probably feel the same way too. Whenever I hold my concert in Korea, I'm really excited and nervous. I hope my concert will remain in your hearts forever just like everlasting sunlight.

(after performing "Last Dance") It's not easy to sing the song alone. And singing the song alone naturally makes me think of the BIGBANG members. The members are the greatest blessing and gift to me. We've been able to be together for more than 10 years because you've been protecting and loving us. Everything is thanks to you. Thank you for protecting my precious BIGBANG members.

New album
Are you enjoying my new album? The album is the most satisfying and meaningful album I've ever released. I hope you know how I feel. I've learned a lot while preparing for the album, and I could make special memories too.

New nickname
You know, I recently got a new nickname "Grandpa". I never expected to get such a nickname, but I'm so happy that I got a new nickname. And actually, I'm surprised everyday because I've never seen myself like that.

World tour
I'll kick off my world tour soon. I'll be busy performing in foreign countries, but I promise I will provide you with my contents through various platforms. You know, I was named an honorary ambassador for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, and I'll try hard to promote Korea through my music. I will do my very best not to disappoint you.

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