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Red Velvet's Irene becomes one of the most desired TV commercial female idols

Red Velvet's Irene is enjoying great popularity in the advertising world. The female idol has become one of the most desired TV commercial female idols, while she is receiving love calls from a variety of brands.

Basically, the reason for her great popularity in the advertising world is because she is so pretty. She is now considered as one of the prettiest female idols, while many people in the Korean entertainment world even say "She's strikingly beautiful". You know, there are so many beautiful idols and actresses in the Korean entertainment world, and it's very unusual for a k-pop idol to be praised in such a way. And actually, she looks even better in real life. That's why there are many actors and male idols who adore Irene.

But that's not all. What's special about Irene is that she is very popular among female fans unlike most of the other pretty celebrities. You know, pretty celebrities sometimes rouse females' antipathy, but Irene, who has a good character and never acts high doesn't. She is now one of the most popular idols among Korean females, and what's important is that many of the female fans want to be like Irene. Beautiful appearance, favorable image and strong influence as an idol. Perfect conditions for becoming a TV commercial star, right?

According to the officials, commercial brands which are using Irene as their advertising character got great results from their advertising. NUOVO's sneakers were sold out, while The Saem's essence cushion is receiving great attention from customers too. Irene, who has already made advertising contracts with not a few brands and is receiving love calls from a variety of brands will sign with far more brands soon.

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