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Reason why Uee lied about her romantic relationship with Gangnam

On July 14, it was reported that Uee and Gangnam have been dating for about 3 months. However, Uee denied her romantic relationship with him at first. She even posted a long piece of writing on her SNS, saying "I'm so embarrassed now. I became intimate with Gangnam after appearing in "Law of the jungle" together, and we had a meal together. However, it's sad that people groundlessly say we're lovers. When I get a boyfriend, I'll let you know".

But, a short time later, Dispatch released photos of Uee and Gangnam. The photos showed them holding hands and hugging each other. They sure looked like lovers.

After then, Uee eventually admitted her romantic relationship with Gangnam. Yuleum Entertainment, home to Uee announced "First of all, we apologize for the mix-up. Both of them are very careful about revealing their relationship because they've just begun dating. In addition, Uee was worried if her relationship with Gangnam could have bad influence on her new drama. They denied their romantic relationship because they wanted to take care of each other, but they decided to admit to being in a romantic relationship after a discussion".

Well, Uee is now being blamed for lying about her relationship with Gangnam. It seems like many people hate her because they think she deceived them. But, there was a reason why she had to lie about her relationship with Gangnam.

When k-pop stars are embroiled in a dating scandal, they usually deny it, saying “We’re just close friends.” Of course, it sometimes is true, but a fair number of k-pop stars say so just because they want to walk away from the situation. There are few idol stars who readily admit that they’re dating somebody because it could have a negative effect on their careers.

That’s why Korean media outlets such as Dispatch try to secure solid evidences including photos and videos. Once media outlets seize photos or videos as real evidence, they usually contact k-pop agencies for confirmation. And after getting a phone call from a media out, what k-pop agency does first is to ask its idol star if it’s true that he or she is dating someone because even k-pop agencies do not know everything about their idol stars’ private lives. After that, people in the agency begin to debate whether they should admit their idol star’s romantic relationship with somebody. In this stage, they take a variety of things into consideration, including whom their idol dates, how solid the media outlet’s evidence is, etc.

However, it was not Dispatch which reported about Uee and Gangnam's romantic relationship for the first time, and Uee couldn't even imagine that Dispatch will release their photos. Uee, who didn't want to be in an open relationship with Gangnam because she thought it could have a negative effect on her careers denied her romantic relationship with him at first for that reason. In addition, Uee was very reluctant to admit to be in a romantic relationship with Gangnam because she has been dating him for just months, which means they're not in a deep relationship yet.

Anyway, I wish the couple every happiness.

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