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Interview with CNBLUE: The Reason why Jung Yonghwa is so Thorough about his Private Life

Q. You released your 6th mini album "Blueming" after a 7-month hiatus. How do you feel?
Yonghwa: Even though the album is just released, it feels like it has been a long time since we released the album. I think it's because we've been planning for the album for a long time.
Jungshin: After releasing "Cinderella" last year, we've been busy with our concert tour. As our Asia tour recently finished, it feels like we made a comeback without a break.

Q. The album contains a total of 5 songs, while all the songs are written by you guys. Didn't you feel burdened about releasing an album filled with your own songs?
Yonghwa: Frankly speaking, yeah, it's burdensome. However, we are doubly happy when we achieve a success with our own songs. And we know about ourselves more than anyone. That's why we released an album filled with our own songs.

Q. What is the hardest part about writing songs?
Yonghwa: I sometimes suffer from an obsession that I have to write catchy songs. And such obsession makes me write very artificial songs. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes.

Q. What did you focus on the most when you wrote "You're so fine"?
Yonghwa: Through the music, I tried to express the warm feelings of brass. And I cared much about the lyrics too. I think my real personality is reflected in the lyrics. When I date, I usually show my affection for my girl with some lovey-dovey comments.

Q. How do you usually write songs?
Jonghyun: I think it's kind of occupational sickness. Whenever I'm very sad or happy, I record the moment.
Yonghwa: Yeah, if somebody tells me that he’s broken up with his girlfriend, I make a memo of it, instead of bringing cheer to him.

Q. Jonghyun and Jungshin's own songs are included in the album too.
Jungshin: Yonghwa and Jonghyun have already written many own songs, and I think it's a great thing. It's the first time that my own song is included in CNBLUE's Korean album. I'm so happy about it.
Jonghyun: I wrote the song a year ago, but I rewrote the lyrics. I think the lyrics became easier to understand.

Q. It has been 7 years since you debuted. If you look back at your debut, how do you feel?
Yonghwa: We won a No.1 trophy just 2 weeks after our debut. We had nothing to fear, and it's true that we forgot our first time when we were on a roll. But like all things, nothing lasts forever. These days, I always appreciate our fans. I know I have to do my best in return for their love.
Jonghyun: Yes, these days, I can appreciate the small things.

Q. How do you feel when you see many would-be singers?
Jonghyun: I watched "Produce 101" too. When the trainees cried, it broke my heart. I have so many things to tell them, but it might be hard for them to understand.

Q. What do you think is the reason why you can maintain world-famous-star status for a long time?
Yonghwa: I really hate to be damaged by any troubles. That's why I'm always thorough about my private life. I'm sometimes exhausted, but I don't make complaints and I work on my music night and day.

Q. It seems like not a few people are still biased against you because you are an "idol rock band."
Jungshin: I think time will solve the matter. Actually, we don't care about such a thing any more.
Jonghyun: It has been 3 to 4 years since I stopped caring about it.
Yonghwa: If you don't like our music, just don't listen to it.

Q. How do you feel about getting old?
Yonghwa: When we go to music chart shows, there are very few singers who are older than us. It feels very strange.
Jungshin: By the way, I'm the MC of "M Countdown," but the young idols do not even say hello to older singers. I don't understand it. At our times, it was unthinkable.
Jonghyun: I think music chart shows do not have a familial atmosphere any more because the competition among singers got so severe.
Yonghwa: The BTS members are good-hearted, though. Even though they became very popular, they're still kind. And I'm sure they make efforts day and night because their dance moves are so great.

Q. Tell me about your future plans.
Yonghwa: Jungshin and Minhyuk are filming dramas now, and my Chinese movie is set to begin shooting next week. As we just released our new album, we will do our best both as individuals and as a team.

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