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Reason why Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo denied their romantic relationship again and again

It's surprising news. On July 5, Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo officially announced that they will marry soon. The two stars will hold a wedding in October.

Yeah, I didn't know either. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo seemed to be very close to each other in real life. They had a pleasant chat with each other, and they touched each other in a friendly way too. However, they didn't look like lovers. They looked like real brother and sister. As a noona, Song Hyekyo cared a lot about Song Joongki, and the handsome actor acted cute in front of his noona. Anyway, congratulations!

By the way, you know, they denied their romantic relationship again and again. Whenever they linked their names with a love scandal, they vehemently denied it. That's why some of Korean reporters felt a sense of betrayal at the news that they'll marry soon.

Well, actually, there were some reasons why they denied their romantic relationship again and again.

First, they were very careful about revealing their real relationship because they were in a serious relationship and they were thinking about getting married. There are many variables regarding marriage, and they wanted to reveal their relationship after everything is confirmed. Second, Song Joonki didn't want to reveal their relationship because he thought it could have bad influence on Song Hyekyo. Korea is a conservative country, and female stars usually are damaged by a love scandal.

Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo began dating after finishing filming their drama "Descendants of The Sun" in 2016. They even didn't tell their agencies about their relationship, and the agencies could hear about the relationship just about a month before the marriage announcement.

Their very close friends and the producer and writer of "Descendants of The Sun" knew about their relationship. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo treated the producer and writer to a meal and expressed their gratitude to them because they could become lovers thanks to them. And one more person who knew about their relationship was the director of Song Joongki's new movie "The battle island". The movie will be released soon, and Song Joongki told the director about his romantic relationship with Song Hyekyo because he thought his sudden marriage announcement could have bad influence on the movie.

Congratulations again, and I wish Song-Song couple every happiness.

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