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Reason why some of Korean media outlets are mad at Zico

On July 12, Block B's Zico held a press conference for his new solo album "Television" in Seoul. At the press conference, he gave his thoughts on the album. By the way, it seems like some of Korean media outlets are now mad at the rapper. Do you know why?

When k-pop singers hold their press conference for their new albums, they usually have Q&A session after saying a few words about their comeback and new albums. However, Zico didn't have Q&A session. Instead, he exchanged questions and answers with a female MC. He explained about his new songs and gave his thoughts on his comeback. And then, he left the place after having photo time. And after he left the place, Seven Seasons, home to Block B, screened Zico's documentary.

You may think there's nothing wrong with the event, but some of Korean reporters were mad at Zico because, as I said, k-pop singers usually have Q&A session when they hold their press conference for their new albums. Top class k-pop stars such as PSY, BIGBANG, EXO and BTS also had Q&A session when they released new albums, while their press conferences were held for more than a hour. Zico's press conference was held just for 40 minutes.

What pissed Korean reporters off more was that Seven Seasons lied to them to protect Zico. Seven Seasons said Zico couldn't have Q&A session because the press conference was held at a theater and there was a movie which was scheduled to be screened right after Zico's press conference was finished. However, there was no movie which was screened after Zico's press conference.

So, check out titles of news articles written by those who are made at Zico.

Zico's one-way press conference - Nocut News
Idol star's arrogance - Sports Seoul
Is Zico a super star who is better than BIGBANG, PSY, BTS and EXO? - Sports Seoul

Well, I don't think Zico made a huge mistake because he explained about his new songs and gave his thoughts on his comeback even though he didn't have Q&A session. (He gave his signed CDs to reporters too) But it seems like he should have treated the narrow-minded reporters better because there are so many old fashioned reporters in the Korean media world.

Anyway, did you listen to Zico's new album? It's awesome. The songs are unique and have much popular appeal too. Zico shows his own musical characteristics through the songs, proving that he is a top class rapper.

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