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Reason why Sandara Park attended a VIP preview of Song Joongki's new movie

On July 21, Sandara Park attended a VIP preview of "Battleship Island". By the way, Celebrities can't attend a VIP preview of a Korean movie just because they want to watch the movie. They must be invited by someone who is relevant to the movie, while Korean actors and actresses usually invite celebrities who are very close to them to VIP previews of their movies. So, "Battleship" Island" is a movie starring famous actor Song Joongki, and it seems that not a few k-pop fans are curious why Sandara Park attended the VIP preview.

Actually, Sandara Park attended the event not because of Song Joongki. Famous actress Lee Junghyun appears in the movie too, and yeah, the actress invited Sandara Park to the event. Sandara Park and Lee Junghyun have been friends for a long time, and actress Son Yejin is their best friend too. That's why Son Yejin also attended the VIP preview of "Battleship Island". According to Lee Junghyun, the three stars always hang out together, and they care about and support each other. And they talk a lot about guys too. :)

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