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Reason why Korean netizens are blaming Jessica for releasing her 10th anniversary album

Jessica is coming back. The former Girls' Generation member will release her new mini album in early August, while it will be her 10th anniversary special album. She's currently filming the music video for her title song.

By the way, not a few Korean netizens are now blaming her for releasing the album. Do you know why?

You know, Jessica, who debuted as a members of Girls' Generation in 2007 left the girl group in 2014. At the time, she started her business and she had a boyfriend. She decided to leave Girls' Generation to do something else, and people blamed her because it seemed she didn't care about the other Girls' Generation members and the popular girl group's so many fans. In addition, Jessica was blamed by people because she was suspected of having used Girls' Generation to improve her business.

Even though it has been years since she left the team, there still are people who blame her for being irresponsible, and yeah, they also blame her for releasing her 10th anniversary album because Girls' Generation will release its 10th anniversary album soon too, and they think Jessica's comeback could have bad influence on Girls' Generation's 10th anniversary party. You know, if Jessica and Girls' Generation release their 10th anniversary albums around the same time, they will compete on various music charts. Some people even think that Jessica tries to use Girls' Generation again to promote her new album.

Well, what do you think? Actually, there's nothing wrong with Jessica releasing her 10th anniversary album. It has been 10 years since she debuted, and she has right to celebrate it. She is one of the famous k-pop idols, and she still has many fans too. Hopefully, both Girls' Generation and Jessica will please their fans by releasing great songs. However, their comeback dates could be an issue. If they release their albums around the same time, they'll be put in a delicate situation because it seems like SM Entertainment still doesn't like the situation that Girls' Generation members and Jessica meet on TV or compete each other.

Anyway, below is Jessica's past statement about her leaving Girls' Generation. She was interviewed when she released her first ever solo album, and she looked to be fine even though she couldn't forget about Girls' Generation and her old fans.

Well, I think it was the time for me to start the next chapter of my life. There was a conflict of interest, and we had to separate earlier than was expected. I was afraid to make a new start at first. However, after leaving the group and SM Entertainment, I met a new world. For a year and a half, I’ve learned a lot.

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