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Reason why IU wanted to be called "Lee Jieun" in "Hyori's Guest House"

IU is currently appearing in JTBC's "Hyori's Guest House" as a regular, while the program is enjoying great popularity. You know, the female singer is doing good as a staff member of the guest house. Are you enjoying watching the program? As I said, basically, IU decided to appear in because she likes Lee Hyori so much. Lee Hyori is the queen of k-pop, and IU is a big fan of her too. By the way, there are more stories behind IU's appearance in the program. Check out what the producer of "Hyori's Guest House" talked about IU.

At first, we wanted to cast IU because we thought Lee Hyori and IU are going in the same direction as female musicians. Of course, we didn't have personal connections with them, and we heard that the two have very different characteristics, but we were sure that a bond of sympathy will develop between the two female musicians. And we were sure that IU and Lee Sang Soon have something in common too. When we asked IU to appear in the program, she readily said ok without hesitation. She accepted our proposal because she likes Lee Hyori and she wanted to show her usual self through the program. You know, celebrities sometimes suffer from mental stress because they can't reveal their real selves and have to act differently on TV. IU wanted to live in the guest house as her real self, and that's why she wanted to be called "Lee Jieun" in the guest house.

<K-pop Secret Vol.2: Unknown Stories about K-pop Industry>
K-pop Secret Vol.2 contains unknown stories about k-pop industry. The author, who has been working as a k-pop journalist since 2010 gives you answers to some questions about k-pop industry such as “Do k-pop idols really sing live?” “How do k-pop chart shows choose their no.1 of the week?” and “Who’s the best singer among k-pop idols?”
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