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Reason why cast members of "Bad Thief Good Thief" are saying Girls' Generation Seohyun is so thoughtful

Girls' Generation's Seohyun is currently appearing in her drama "Bad Thief Good Thief". She's doing really great. Her acting is stable, while it's notable that she shows a new side of herself through the drama. Actually, she has a great affection for the drama, and that's why she cut her hair in a bob-type style for the first time since she debuted.

By the way, it seems like it will be hard for Seohyun to focus only on her drama. You know, Girls' Generation will make a comeback soon, and she has to be active as a member of the girl group too. She will have to be as busy as a bee.

In this case, k-pop idols usually request the production crew of their dramas to change their shooting schedules. It's a matter of course because they have to maintain their schedules as singers too. However, a problem occurs when the idol is a leading actor. Leading actor takes much part in his drama, which means if his shooting schedule is changed, dozens of staff members and actors of the drama should change their shooting schedules too.

So, Seohyun is a leading actress of "Bad Thief Good Thief", and if she changes her shooting schedule due to Girls' Generation's comeback, many staff members and actors of the drama will have to change their shooting schedules too.

However, Seohyun recently asked the production crew of "Bad Thief Good Thief" to change her shooting schedule at a minimum. A staff member of the drama said "She told us that she never wants to cause damage to all the staff members and actors".

Well, there are few famous stars who ask for such a thing because, yeah, most of stars are not as considerate as Seohyun. You know, Seohyun is a good-natured person, and she always cares about others.

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